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Questions and answers

Where can we see or buy images?
The and sites are the only places of exhibition and sale complete and permanent. They present all the photographs in the gallery, with collections and topics, including the latest news. You can buy your favorite images directly online with secure payment by PayPal.

Are the images of the various collections published in widely-reproductions?
No, the images presented on this site are available only in photographic inkjet printing : the Photographic Inkjet Prints. By buying a picture Christophe Schambert, you are sure to acquire a different and high quality product, made with the latest technology of digital printing and in the rules of art.

What is the difference between an Art Print and a reproduction?
The reproductions are printed by an industrial process. This technology uses only four inks and can only reproduce a limited range of color. The paper and ink used for printing Offset are unsustainable over time.
Instead, Photographic Inkjet Prints are printed by the photographer on a professional printer using a higher number of colors and can reproduce a wide color gamut, using all data of the file of the digital camera. The pigmented inks and high quality papers used allow to obtain high image stability over time.

Do the image sizes match standard formats of frames?
Yes, the images of the different collections are offered in standard formats, so you can frame them yourself easily. Sizes listed are the external dimensions of the poster, including margins.

Should we observe precautions for handling or exposure?
The paper of your Photographic Inkjet Print can be sensitive to fingerprints and scratches, just like a traditional silver photographic paper. To protect your photography, limit handling and keep it with its protective silk paper in its original tube before framing.
The Photographic Inkjet Prints are intended for indoor light exposure with protective glass.

How are made the shots?
All of the photographs are taken in high-definition digital technology, which allows amazing lights and vivid colors.
The photographer is mastering the entire process of production, from shooting to the final Photographic Print, to fully share the emotion of a unique moment.

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